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Having a sand mound septic system can limit the use of your yard. Maybe you want to plant a garden, or perhaps the kids need more space to run around in. AWE-Tech, LLC can replace your sprawling above-ground system with a compact underground system. We've been offering turnkey septic tank design, installation and repair services in the Denver, PA area since 2017.

Our family-owned septic company stands out due to our...


  • Fair pricing
  • Quick response times
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 10+ years of experience



We're DSA-certified. Call 717-874-0672 now to request a free estimate on septic services.


Should you invest in an Ecoflo septic system?

Sand mound systems can be a pain to install and maintain, but many Denver, PA area residents have been told those systems are the only option for their yards. That's not always the case. We recommend an Ecoflo system for any homeowner who...

  • Has a beautiful yard - we won't destroy your landscaping during the septic installation process.
  • Doesn't want to spend a fortune on upkeep - we offer affordable septic repair services.
  • Wants to sell their home for top dollar - having an underground septic system can boost your property value.
AWE-Tech is a direct distributor of Ecoflo products, which are fully serviceable for 10 years.

Let us design the perfect septic system for your yard

As a full-service septic company, we can handle the design, installation and maintenance of your system. You can count on us to provide outstanding septic services. Reach out today to find out what kind of septic tank you need.