We install new septic systems efficiently in Denver, PA and the surrounding area

Your Ecoflo Septic Installation Could Take as Little as 3 days

Thanks to the simple and compact design of the tank, Ecoflo septic installations require little more than an excavator and hand tools. As a result, AWE-Tech, LLC of Denver, PA can put in new septic systems within 3 days with minimal disturbance.

To install your Ecoflo septic system, we'll need to...

  • Dig a hole and level the base
  • Lower the tank and set up internal components
  • Connect your system and adjust the flow rate for your household
  • Cover the tank with dirt and plant grass seed or sod on top
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Made with eco-friendly materials

Made with eco-friendly materials

Ecoflo tanks rely on coconut fibers to treat household wastewater. This sustainable filtration method makes Ecoflo products more affordable and environmentally friendly than other septic systems, including sand mounds. If you're in the market for a new septic system in the Denver, PA area, ask us about the advantages of an Ecoflo system.